Killer Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

Belly fat is a particular nemesis of millions of people. That unsightly bulge that you may see in the shower or mirror every morning can bring you down and as try as you might you never seem to be able to get rid of it. Belly fat can be caused by any number of circumstances, but it is most often the result of a combination of years of overeating combined with the sedentary lifestyle most people seem to live today. With everyone spending hours behind a desk or computer without getting exercise, it is for belly fat to start to accumulate over time. Luckily, there are some great exercises that you can do right at home that can help you to cut back or eliminate that problem.

You want to choose exercises that are healthy and safe for you to do and also those that are going to incorporate as many muscle groups as possible so you can get the most positive effect out of your efforts. You want to perform exercises that are going to productive for your entire body in burning energy and calories and you can still focus on the idea that the area that is going to get the most out of your workout is your belly.

Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Riding a bicycle is often seen as one of the best exercises to help you in burning your belly fat and you do not have to be part of a gym to do it. You will be working on not just increasing the muscles in your legs but it also will work on your core abdominal muscles and strengthen them along the way. You can take to your local area and go riding or you can use your own stationary bike at home if you prefer.

You may also want to perform some type of abdominal crunches as one of your main exercises to help in getting rid of that belly fat. There are a wide variety of exercises that can be done that involve all kinds of abdominal crunches that are going to help you strengthen the core muscles that are there and help you to get rid of the fat. You can try ones that involve the use of a ball under your back to make the exercise more intense.

One thing you want to remember when doing any type of exercising is that you want to check with your doctor first to make sure that you are physically able to do an exercise regimen like this. It is always a good idea to start off slow and work your way up to more repetitions and longer cycles of exercising in order to properly build yourself up and get rid of that belly fat in a safe manner.

Arm fat and its causes

Call them plumpy, flabby, saggy or chubby; and you will note that none of the words seem to describe arm fat in nonchalant manner. The words seem to deride arm fat. They sound as though arm fat is an awkward thing. It could be true due to the unwarranted ripple jiggle that fat causes in the arm. It becomes an embarrassment of sorts, especially when you are jogging. It at times graduates to worse when you find you chubby arms are forever “waving” every time you move.

What causes arm fat?

Women are more susceptible to gain more fat in their upper arm section. It would be worth noting that women store fat in their thighs, hips and upper arms. If you are a woman, you don’t have to wait till you can’t wear some of your sleeveless dresses due to your chubby arms to know you need to do something about them. Here are few things that could lead to chubby arms, and that could help you avoid arm fat;


Aging has its ups and downs and arm fat is one of it. As you grow old, the skin at your upper arm becomes looser and it could lead to arm fat when you gain weight. This is not to mean that growing old is directly leads to chubby arms. Despite the fact that you can’t prevent going old, you can prevent chubby arms.


Though nutritional blogs have become awash with the cliché “you are what you eat”, the cliché cannot be any less emphasized as it is true to its last syllable. When the doctor tells you that sugar will only lead to you gaining fat due to the high level of calories, then avoid sugar. It’s simple as that. Remember sugar is sugar irrespective of its origin, be it in chocolate, high sugar fruits, candy sweets or even carrots

food can cause flabby arms

Lack of exercise

Shoulder press, press ups and push-ups are just some of the exercise you can perform at home and tone down chubby arms. Just because you are checking your diet doesn’t mean that you can skip exercising. Exercising is a different kettle of fish all together. There is no substituting it. So go ahead and exercise those chubby arms and you will be amazed at how they will tone to pretty arms.


People are wired different with respect to genetics. The reason why a friend could be eating nearly anything beneath the skies and still she won’t even gain even an ounce of pound, and when it comes to you, you are even afraid of staring at some foods, as it could earn you some few kilos is a conundrum that can only be answered via genetics. Knowing yourself then sets you free. Know how your body reacts to certain types of foods. If the sight of a water-mouthing foods can lead to a few “kilos” then watch your diet with a hawk’s eye to avoid arm fat or any other form of weight gain.

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10 life hacks that help you get fit and healthier

Some of the day to day activities could help you get fit and healthier. All you have to do is be conscious about them, so that you chose to do them every time you have a chance. For example you don’t have to always take the lift, how about the stairs? And work those legs a little bit. If you are clue less of some of the day to day activities that could help you get fit and healthy, then lucky for you as this article will provide you with 10 life hacks to keep you fit and healthy;

1. Take a walk when stressed.

By taking a walk make sure you are not heading to the refrigerator. Never try to drown your stress with food, these only graduates to weight gain. Take a walk and unwind outside.

2. Always park your car at the furthest parking space

Always look for the furthest parking spot, when you park as this will ensure that you will have to walk when you get back to your car. The several minutes you walk to the car daily could be what your legs needs need to improve the blood flow.

3. Don’t just sit there

When watching T.V, you don’t have to sit there glued to the screen. You can do  some exercising like stretching or pedaling a stationary bike whilst watching the T.V, call it killing two birds with the same stone.

4. Play with your kids

When you are free, why don’t play with your kids in the backyard. Games like running around, tumbling in the leaves or climb a tree. This will be a win-win situation for your family as you will get to unwind and exercise yourself plus your kids.

5. Gaming

Sitting down to play games using video game-pads will only torture your fingers. How about a kinnect for your star wars game? The work out you will get after the game will be very important for your health, needless to say it’s a fun way to unwind and exercise.

6. Clean the house

House work is a great way to burn some calories instead of looking someone to do the job for you. You might want to give it a routine like 3-4 times a week. Needless to mentions you’ll also save some money.

burn fat whilst cleaning

7. Go for a walk with your dog

If you don’t have a dog, get a dog. Dogs are a man best friend and if you find it boring walking alone, then how about you take your best friend (the dog) with you.

8. Wash your car

You don’t have to take your car to the car-wash all the time. How about washing it with your kids and while at it, having fun.

9. Dance, dance, dance

When you go out with your pals, you don’t have to be the one to watch the drinks as your friends gyrate on the dance floor, join them and dance, dance till you are awash with sweat.

Dance to burn fat!

10. Use the bike

For trips less than a mile, leave the car home and use a bike, or better still, walk.

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